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Migration to Laravel
Posted: 2019-05-12
For many years, my site has been running Cotonti, the successor to the remarkable PHP family of engines Seditio / LDU. Nevertheless, despite the relatively high popularity in the past, today the development of Cotonti has actually stopped.

How critical is it? My answer is not how much. The development of PHP infrastructure has not stopped, and now a large number of tools are available for the implementation of their projects. In my opinion, you should not get attached to any particular engine, the main thing is the ideas in your head, and the database as a result of their implementation, which, in turn, can be wrapped in any PHP engine.

You ask me: but why did you choose Laravel, because there are so many good other engines? Why didn't you choose Wordpress, for example? Indeed, today, on the basis of PHP, both complete solutions are available in the form of Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal content management systems, and sets of basic building blocks - symfony, Laravel, Yii frameworks. Here you can argue for a long time - which is better (although Yii2 seems to me a more holistic solution). And I chose Laravel in connection with the need to work out some migration issues of the existing functionality in parallel with another project.

The result of the migration is to maintain full compatibility with the existing database. For example, users registered in the days of LDU, Seditio and Cotonti can still log in with their passwords.
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