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Work performed
Web consultation
Something does not work? I will help you.
Assistance in the deployment of your PHP website on the hosting.
Questions about hosting hosting, DNS, installing TLS certificates (Let’s Encrypt, etc.).
Configuring your VPS to the needs of the site (customization experience based on the OS Debian/Ubuntu including installing Apache/Nginx + php-fpm + MySQL).
Posted: 2005-07-24 / Updated: 2019-03-01
Web revision
Does your working site need support? I will help you.
Change / development of new functionality for the current site.
The finalization of the legacy PHP code to start on the current version of PHP.
Update framework/CMS site to the actual version. It does not matter how outdated the current version of the PHP engine of your site. I will conduct a complete analysis, testing, and perform the correct update of the framework/CMS and the site database.

Migration between PHP engines. There is the following experience in this area:
– successful migration from CMS Cotonti to CMS Wordpress (including MySQL database migration);
– successful migration from CMS Cotonti to Yii2 Framework (while MySQL database remains "as is");
– successful migration from CMS WordPress on Laravel Framework;
– successful migration from legacy php5 code on Symfony Framework.
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Posted: 2005-07-31 / Updated: 2019-03-03
Web development
There is experience in creating web applications on the following PHP engines:
– CMS family LDU, Seditio, Cotonti;
– CMS Wordpress;
– Yii2 Framework;
– Laravel Framework;
– Symfony Framework.

Website development "turnkey":
– layout on the provided layout;
– development of additional functionality (in the form of plug-ins / hooks);
– analysis of the site structure and the creation of sections and initial pages (with the direct participation of the customer);
– deployment of the site on the hosting;
– subsequent consultation and support.
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Posted: 2005-07-25 / Updated: 2019-04-25
Migration between PHP engines
Often there is a situation when the owner decides to change the PHP engine on which his site is implemented.
The reasons may be different: cessation of maintenance of the old engine by developers, moral obsolescence (outdated code, inability to start or errors on the new version of PHP), lack of important functions for the user.

I will help you transfer your website from the current PHP engine (no matter what, it may not even be PHP) to one of the current engines that use PHP for their work.
You choose which PHP engine your site will work on. This can be a CMS or Framework. So, at the moment I have experience with the following PHP engines:
– CMS family LDU, Seditio, Cotonti;
– Popular CMS Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal;
– Yii2 Framework;
– Laravel Framework;
– Symfony Framework.
It doesn't matter to me what you choose. It may even be another PHP engine, I will examine it and complete the migration.

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Posted: 2019-01-16 / Updated: 2019-04-25
Web page layout
For my part, I guarantee that the final html markup will meet the following standards and requirements:
– HTML 5;
– CSS 3;
– adaptive design (the site interface automatically adjusts to the screen size of the device - a smartphone, tablet, monitor);
– compatibility with tags (including internationalization) of the PHP engine you specified: CMS or framework;
– the same visualization in currently relevant browsers;
– passing validation on the website validator.w3.org (or HTML Tidy utility).

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Posted: 2005-07-24 / Updated: 2019-04-25
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