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Posted: 2005-07-24
Updated: 2019-04-25
For my part, I guarantee that the final html markup will meet the following standards and requirements:
– HTML 5;
– CSS 3;
– adaptive design (the site interface automatically adjusts to the screen size of the device - a smartphone, tablet, monitor);
– compatibility with tags (including internationalization) of the PHP engine you specified: CMS or framework;
– the same visualization in currently relevant browsers;
– passing validation on the website validator.w3.org (or HTML Tidy utility).

In my work I use the following tools:
– CSS framework Bootstrap 4 (allows you to implement the concept of responsive design);
– the original styling is performed using Sass markup;
– automation of routine tasks through Webpack / Gulp (generation of minified js, css, image optimization, etc.).
All source codes and tool configuration files are transferred to the customer.

I am not a designer. I work only with the material provided by you. This can be an image file (for example, bmp or psd), a layout template (from third-party resources) as you like.

Currently there is a layout experience for the following PHP engines:
– skins for CMS family LDU, Seditio, Cotonti (including the removal of localization in the language files *.*.lang.php);
– Wordpress themes (including the removal of localization in the language files *.mo, *.po);
– visualizations/widgets for Yii2 / Laravel (including the removal of localization in the messages language directory for the construction of Yii::t / __() ).

The average estimate of the time to complete work is from one to two weeks.
Posted: 2006-02-09
Status: administrator
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Posted: 2006-02-08
Status: user
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